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General Investments

Using investments to supplement your pension income has long been the most common way that most people have gone about planning their retirement, and this is still one of the most popular ways of securing retirement income. The use of ISAs, offering tax free income and utilising individual tax allowances, is a very tax efficient way of doing this.

What My Retirement Hub aims to do, is to show you that there are others way of generating retirement income, and indeed for those clients with larger portfolios, making sure that the income that is being taken is coming from the most tax efficient sources, as well making sure provision is made for their loved ones (spouse) and/or their children.

We would love the opportunity to discuss with you your options when it comes to either of building up your retirement income, or to show you the ways we can help you get the best results from your existing portfolio’s, whether this is from existing Pensions, ISAs, Investment Bonds, Inheritances etc., or just from cash. 


We can help you construct a plan, that enables you to approach, and enter retirement with the knowledge you are doing it in the most tax efficient matter, and using all the available tools at your disposal. 


Call us now and make an appointment on 0800 080 7653

Or please go to our at-a-glance guide is designed to give you a quick snapshot of a range of different investment vehicles available (please note, you are now leaving this website).

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